Wigs and Hair Pieces

Hair loss is a familiar issue for many people. It can affect anyone regardless of age and gender and has many causes including medical conditions and subsequent treatments, hormonal imbalances and even stress.

Whatever the cause, the distress of losimg some or all of your hair can have a devastating effect on your appearance, self esteem and your ability to function confidently within society.

Thankfully, here at Positive Image Clinic we offer effective options which can alleviate many of the negative aspects of hair loss. Empathic and experienced specialists will help guide you through every option to provide a perfect alternative hair solution for your specific needs.

Wigs are an ideal choice for many and come in a wide variety of types, styles and colours. For those not requiring a wig, hair pieces may be the appropriate solution and these also come in a large range of styles and colours.

Wigs and Hair Pieces FAQs

Can I try the wigs on?
How long is a consultation?
Can I buy a wig at my consultation?
How do I care for my new wig?
Do you have a wide selection of wigs in stock?
Can I style my wig?
How long will my wig last?
Can I use normal hair products on my fibre wig?
Can I sleep in my wig?

Wig Prices

Prices for wigs and hair pieces vary greatly depending on style, length, type and construction and will be fully discussed at your consultation.