HD Brows, Henna brows and general brow maintenance

We offer a variety of brow beauty treatments from threading, waxing and tinting to Henna brows and the ever popular HD Brows; A seven step treatment that creates perfectly sculpted brows without the commitment of permanent cosmetics.

Brow FAQs

What are HD Brows?
How long do HD Brows last for?
Will I see results straight away?
Will I need a patch test?
How old do I have to be to have HD Brows?
How long does it take for HD Brows?
What are Henna brows?
How long will Henna brows last?
Will I need a patch test?


HD Brows £25

Henna brows £30

Henna brows – ombre £35

Brow wax £10

Brow thread £12-£15

Brow tint £18