What Is A Hair Replacement System?


Hair replacement systems are ideal for those that have partial hairloss and therefore are not in need of a full wig. Systems come ready to wear or can be custom made depending on the needs of the individual.

Imagine that your head is a jigsaw with a piece missing. A system can be created to mimic that missing piece.

For the client wanting a more bespoke, custom made hairpiece/system we can provide a large range of options designed to meed your individual needs.

These include:






Type of hair


Cap and Base construction


Hair Replacement Systems FAQs

Do I need a consultation?
How long do Hair Replacement Systems last for?
Can I sleep in it?
Do I need special hair care products?
Are they made from human hair?
Can I swim in it?

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Hair Replacement Systems Prices


Prices are available on consultation once the individual’s needs have been assessed.