Microbladed and Machine Brows.

What is it all about?

The machine method involves the tattooing of brows using a digital device to place the pigment in the skin. Just like microblading this can be used to produce a hair stroke look, but unlike microblading it can also be used to create different brow looks including the powder brow and ombre style.

The digital machine can also be used in combination with the microblading technique to create a combination brow look made up of fine strokes along with a fuller powder brow look too.

The manual method is known as Microblading.

Microblading is a form of permanent make-up tattooing but, unlike other methods, it is performed using a hand-held tool. The tool is used to place pigment into the skin, creating beautifully precise hairlike strokes to mimic those of a natural brow.

These methods are perfect treatments for people with little or no eyebrows, or maybe you have a scar running through that you just want to disguise. Maybe you just lack definition and shape.

This treatment is also fantastic for alopecia or former chemotheraphy patients. You can choose from a subtle, soft powder brow, hair stroke simulation or the ’3D brow’ which is a combination of both of these techniques to make a very realistic, high definition brow. You can also choose to have the “Barely there” brow which gives a borderless soft translucent shadow of colour.


Is it painful?
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Microblading is £250

Machine brows start from £295

Barely there brows are £195

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