Angela’s Story

A little self-belief goes a long way.

My hectic life as the owner of a successful hairdressing business, devoted mother and semi-professional singer took a drastic turn when I received the devastating news that I had a particularly aggressive form of breast cancer.

At the age of thirty-two, everything changed. My initial reaction was to think about how I was going to manage my business, look after my children and continue to sing on stage at the weekends. Everything seemed a daunting challenge as I knew that the side effects of the very necessary surgery and chemotherapy I had to undergo would severely affect my energy levels as well as my physical appearance. I could only imagine a bald, shiny head and this was as frightening for me as the cancer that was invading my body. My confidence and emotional well-being hit rock bottom. I felt vulnerable, the positive image of myself that was so important to me as a successful woman evaporated. Now, I felt ugly, naked and scared.

My search for a wig that was meant to help ease these feelings actually set me on a path that changed my life forever and helped me to overcome the negativity of my altered image. The traumatic memories that I have of trying on ill-fitting and uncomfortable wigs that did nothing to make me feel better about myself made me aware of the needs of others suffering from hair loss. So, with my own life changing experience as well as my hairdressing skills, I knew that I could offer an empathetic service to others with low self-image as a result of hair loss. A year later, through my own desire and determination to help others, I sold my home to fund a new salon which would provide a personalised service where I could customise wigs and tailor them to the individual needs of clients with a sensitivity and dignity that every one of them deserved.

My ‘Positive Image Clinic’ was born and my search for specialist knowledge began. My understanding of the many forms of hair loss grew as did my hunt for the very best quality wigs and products for my clients. i trained in the UK, Thailand and the USA with the top wig designers in the industry to gain the skills I needed to help others.

Of course, hair loss not only affects the head, it also affects the eye lashes and brows. Many clients asked if I could help with these issues as , apart from stencils and false lashes, there seemed to be no effective and lasting solution.

Through their real need for alternative solutions, my clients encouraged me to study the skills of permanent cosmetics. In-depth research eventually led me to ‘Nouveau Contour’ where I trained with a fantastic team of people until I had acquired the skills to become an Elite Technician in both permanent and medical cosmetics. I was very proud to be part of the team assisting the teaching of these valued techniques.

Ongoing training, along with the determination to learn as much as possible, led me to attend conferences and seminars all over the world. This enabled me to gain experience by working alongside industry leaders and has been an exciting and fulfilling experience that helped to make me the skilled, passionate and motivated person that I am today and one that has provided positive input and change to this fast moving industry.

Today, I am particularly proud to be considered a specialist in the field of SMP, the fastest growing hair loss solution which provides a permanent replication of hair follicles to give a high level of concealment for many types of hair loss to help both men and women. I now provide this for many of my clients wishing to improve their self-image through this very effective solution.

Continuing development and further enhancement of my skills in the progressive area of permanent cosmetics is very important to me and will ensure that I maintain the highest skill levels possible as this exciting industry moves forward in the future. I proudly offer a wide range of treatments at Positive Image Clinic to clients who seek help to raise their self-image after suffering illness, trauma such as burns or surgery as well as issues related to gender dysphoria or the ageing process. My own experience of altered image will ensure that I truly empathise with clients and always deliver a highly skilled and vitally caring service.

It is now my mission to put ‘care’ at the forefront of the aesthetics industry through teaching and public speaking because I believe that, I, and other technicians, have a responsibility and real duty of care to clients needing aesthetic assistance to enable them to feel comfortable in their own skin.